At all times we must seek inspiration for our artistic endeavors. As I’ve stated before I am not the most original or creative person on the planet but I am a great Plagiarist. I never miss the chance in my travels to visit local art museums and galleries for inspiration.

Modern technology allows us to explore creative techniques gleened from the Masters of the art. It is an endless learnig curve of concept, creation and execution using multiple software platforms in much the same way the original artist applied the techniques and materials available to them at the time; although much faster and without all the mess.

Here are two examples. The first was inspired by a visit to the Andy Worhal exhibit at the Portland Art Museum.

This series shows the concept picture from the Warhol exhibit. The second is the photograph I took of a flower arrangement with colored gels. The final print is created using Topaz Impression as well as layer and blending techniques in Photoshop. Granted this is no Warhol but it challenged me to explore creative methods and learn new skills.

The second series was inspired by Edward S. Curtis. I have always admired Curtis’s portrait work of the American Indian. His entire works are available free at

The first photograph is a Curtis original. The second photgraph is a bronze statue at the Brisco Western Art Museum in San Antonio Texas. Using Photoshop layers and Nik Silver Effects I was able to create the final image.

Once again, I dare not compare my talent to Edward S. Curtis but endeavor to illustrate the concept of emulating the Masters of the art to acheive a pleasing image through their inspiration.

Challenge yourself to learn from the Masters and experiment. Each photograph you take is unique. Both examples are of rather mundane subjects when initially viewed but when transformed through the experience of exposing oneself constantly to the Masters can be quite rewarding.